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Kylinsoft Announced the Release of the First Chinese “Root” Linux Distribution

By Johnson Ge
Jun. 23, 2022 updated 09:11

On June 23rd, Chinese software developer Kylinsoft announced they would release openKylin,  the “First Linux Root Distribution Community in China”, on June 24th, at 2 pm.

Kylinsoft is the developer of the Kylin OS and NeoKylin. These two operating systems have a 90% market share of the government sector in China. They also have an open-source Linux product called Ubuntu Kylin.

According to Kylinsoft, the idea of “Linux Root Distribution” means a standalone distribution that is not based on any other Linux Distributions but only on the Linux Kernel.    

Kylinsoft is not the only one planning on a fresh Linux distribution in China. UnionSoft, the developer of Deepin, announced that Deepin would no longer be based on Debian in the following versions, and they will build a new “root community” based on the existing Deepin community on May 18th, 2022.

Source: openKylin