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Traveler of Wuxia: A Captivating Martial Hero Deck-Building Adventure

By Johnson Ge
Aug. 18, 2023 updated 02:40

On August 2nd, the highly anticipated English localization update for Traveler of Wuxia, a captivating Martial Hero deck-building rogue-lite game, was released. Developed by Heluo Entertainment, known for their popular martial hero games such as Path of Wuxia and Ho Tu Lo Shu: The Books of Dragon, this update is sure to delight fans of the genre.

The current review rating of Traveler of Wuxia is “Very Positive” On SteamThe current review rating of Traveler of Wuxia is “Very Positive” On Steam

Drawing inspiration from the well-loved deck-building game, Slay the Spire, Traveler of Wuxia offers players an immersive experience. Engage in thrilling turn-based combat, where each victory rewards players with new cards, upgrades for existing cards, and the option to remove unnecessary cards from the deck. The ultimate objective is to construct a powerful and strategic deck, capable of conquering the final boss in each campaign.

One of the game's standout features is its intriguing Combo system. With numerous pre-existing combos available, players can unlock special effects by playing the corresponding cards in the specified order. For example, executing the combo "Keep Moving" followed by "Quick as Wind" will grant the powerful combo card "Light as Swallow". This dynamic combo not only unleashes a series of impressive attacks but also provides the character with a dodge token, allowing players to gracefully evade incoming strikes. Players will immerse themselves in the fast-paced world of martial arts as they execute combos to outclass their opponents.

A screenshot of the combo in Traveler of WuxiaA screenshot of the combo in Traveler of Wuxia

The game offers players the choice of three different classes for their protagonist: Warrior, Flash, and Venerable. Each class comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, allowing players to tailor their playstyle to their preferences.

Additionally, in each campaign, players will be accompanied by unique characters that are integral to the story. These characters include Chi Jo-Chin, the enigmatic assassin; Chen Lin-Fei, the skilled healer; and Chiao, the passionate and expert cook. Each character possesses distinct characteristics and playstyles that add depth to the gameplay experience.

A screenshot of the combat in Traveler of WuxiaA screenshot of the combat in Traveler of Wuxia

To further enhance gameplay, players can customize their deck by incorporating "Esotericas", the skill tome in Martial Hero stories that gives the holder great power, that complements their preferred playstyle. For instance, players who opt for the Monk-style Venerable class can either focus on building an unbreakable defense or unleash a devastating attack by sacrificing all their action points.

A screenshot of the combat in Traveler of WuxiaA screenshot of the combat in Traveler of Wuxia

With the multitude of playstyles, companions, and diverse campaigns, each playthrough offers a unique and personalized experience. Players may find themselves in a fast-paced battle, with both the protagonist and Chi Jo-Chin swiftly dispatching enemies with their dart-throwing skills. Alternatively, players may choose an unarmed-monk fighting style for their protagonist, utilizing an impenetrable Ki-shield, while Chen Lin-Fei poisons enemies and waits for them to meet their demise. The possibilities are endless, and the choice ultimately lies with the players.

A screenshot of the world map in Traveler of Wuxia where players will choose their next move.A screenshot of the world map in Traveler of Wuxia where players will choose their next move.

Storytelling holds a significant role in Martial Hero games, and Heluo Entertainment's games are no exception. While the story of Traveler of Wuxia may not reach the lofty standards set by other Martial Hero games from Heluo Entertainment, it still manages to incorporate classic elements and well-developed characters that are synonymous with this genre.

As a rogue-like game, players can quickly complete a playthrough in Traveler of Wuxia. They have the opportunity to experiment with different fighting styles and defeat the boss in a short amount of time. After each playthrough, players can unlock more cards, Esotericas, and challenges to progress further. Additionally, there are secret storylines and alternative endings to discover in subsequent playthroughs, enhancing the game's replayability.

A screenshot of Events in Traveler of WuxiaA screenshot of Events in Traveler of Wuxia

Despite being Heluo's first game with English localization, the translation is commendable. The text is clearly well-translated by dedicated translators who have made great efforts to capture the essence of the original story. Players can quickly immerse themselves in the story and battles, choosing their own path of "Wuxia." They can learn new martial moves from the Shaolin Master, assist the merchant in defeating the "Beggars' Gang," or vice versa, and engage in an epic battle with the Taichi Master at the Heroes Championship.

A screenshot of Traveler of WuxiaA screenshot of Traveler of Wuxia

Overall, Traveler of Wuxia is a compact and impressive game that is worth trying for martial hero and deck-building enthusiasts. Its high-quality translation makes it uniquely suited for fans of martial hero games who may struggle with language barriers.

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