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Tencent Registered a Domain Name That Hinted Connections to Granblue Fantasy

It is still unclear if the Chinese fans can finally aboard Grandcypher.
By Johnson Ge
Nov. 24, 2021 updated 10:05

Tencent has registered a new domain that may be connected to the popular Anime Gacha game Granblue Fantasy. A registration record was found on the ICP record list on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, showing that Tencent registered “izhuye.碧蓝幻想.com” with the website name “碧蓝网”, and currently the domain URL is redirecting to Tencent company website.

“碧蓝幻想” is an unofficial translation of the GranBlue Fantasy“碧蓝幻想” is an unofficial translation of the GranBlue Fantasy

It is also noticeable that at the Tencent Game Developers Conference 2021, Qunwei Lu, the GPP of Tencent Interactive Entertainment & Oversea Publishing Producer, made a presentation about how ACG games go global. In the presentation, he took Granblue Fantasy as a successful case and highly praised its constant operation and the good combination of the art design, storytelling, and voice acting.

He gave it a compliment as “the top rank”He gave it a compliment as “the top rank”

It is unclear if Tencent is interested in the publishing of the original Granblue Fantasy game in China. The game is 7 years old, and most Chinese Grandblue Fantasy players already choose to have accounts in the Japan server. Under current circumstances, it is more likely that Tencent is in some collaboration project with Cygames, under the Grandblue Fantasy franchise IP, or just a cheesy move to prevent competitors from getting their hands on the franchise.