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Game Developer Fined 163,000 USD For Publishing Unlicensed Games in China

By Cecil Gao
Jul. 12, 2022 updated 04:44

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism investigated a game development company for launching games and making illegal profit without game licenses; in the end, the company was fined 1.1 million CNY, equivalent to approximately 163,000 USD.

The detail of the case posted on WeiboThe detail of the case posted on Weibo

The investigation report revealed that this Shanghai game development company had disregarded the relevant laws and regulations by launching seven online games directly in China without applying for game licenses. The court imposed a fine of five to ten times the amount of the profit of 10,000 CNY or more, resulting in a fine of about 163,000 USD.

This marks the second case in Shanghai where a company was fined for making illegal profit without a game license, as Junhai Games was fined 90,000 USD on July 7 for using another company's game license.

Source: Weibo