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Escape From Tarkov Mobile? Tencent’s Arena Breakout is Now Available

By Cecil Gao
Jul. 14, 2022 updated 02:05

Today, Tencent Games’ Morefun Studio has announced that the hardcore FPS mobile game Arena Breakout is now available on App Store and Google Play. 

In Arena Breakout, players will play as a mercenary that was trapped in a battle zone and try to survive until the lockdown is lifted. In each game, players will spawn on a huge map with several extraction points, you need to defeat NPC enemy soldiers and mercenaries controlled by other players, grab their gear and survival sources, and eventually escape from the chaos of war...for now. After completing games, players can use the sources to update their hideouts and gear up with better guns and vests when they deploy to the battle zone next time. Morefun Game also designed a variety of detailed firearms and gears like helmets, vests, and tactical headsets for players to choose and customize freely.

What’s more, Arena Breakout has a very special death system. In an FPS game where death is avoidable, Tencent has made every death memorable by forcing players to lose all their equipment and loots after death. With this special death punishment, players will have to carefully search every corner wherever they go, for the devils that will let them lose everything are all hidden in the details.

Despite the massive discussion and downloads after the launch, voices are suggesting that this game launched by Tencent is almost identical to the FPS Escape from Tarkov on the PC platform in terms of gameplay, gun details and even map design. Launched four years earlier than Arena Breakout, Escape from Tarkov is the first PVPVE FPS game with the core gameplay of entering the map, scavenging for supplies, finding evacuation points, and upgrading the hideout.

The reload animation of the guns in Arena Breakout is nearly 100% similar to EfTThe reload animation of the guns in Arena Breakout is nearly 100% similar to EfT

As of now, Tencent has not issued any statement about whether the game is “inspired” by Escape from Tarkov or not.