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Psychedelic Metroidvania 'ULTROS' Officially Comes to Steam

By Xueyang
Feb. 15, 2024 updated 12:17

ULTROS is taking the gaming world on a psychedelic voyage, promising an odyssey that's as metaphysical as it is visceral. Imagine waking up stranded in "The Sarcophagus," a cosmic uterus harboring an ancient, demonic entity. Stuck in an unending black hole loop, your mission is to explore and understand your role in this mystifying world. Are you the agent of destruction or a catalyst for rebirth?

Check out the gameplay at the first glance:

Developed with an avant-garde aesthetic and scored by El Huervo—known for his work on Hotline Miami—the game delves into themes of mental health, life and death, and cosmic karma through rich environmental storytelling. The landscape is as varied as it is mysterious, teeming with cosmic lifeforms and opportunities for exploration.

But don't get too comfortable; ULTROS isn't a leisurely stroll through the cosmos. It offers brutally intimate combat experiences where every strike counts, balanced with moments where you can cultivate plant life within The Sarcophagus. This provides not only a respite but also a way to unlock hidden paths and delve deeper into the world.


Adding a layer of complexity, the game employs a unique loop-based mechanic. This allows players to revisit key moments, unlocking new paths and abilities in a branching skill tree. Each loop is a step closer to unraveling the enigma that is ULTROS. It’s not just a game; it's a multi-dimensional experience.