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Chinese Folk Horror Game Paper Bride IV Will Come Out on July 29th

By Cecil Gao
Jul. 16, 2022 updated 03:00

Today, the Chinese indie game development studio, HeartBeat Plus, has released the final trailer and the release date of their latest work, Paper Bride IV. The Paper Bride series is famous in China for its unique, suspenseful atmosphere and love-themed folklore horror stories. The work will continue the core plot of Paper Bride to tell the story of how an evil curse originating in a haunted mountain village has influenced the lives of people related to the events.

In this trailer, HeartBeat Plus shows players the backstory of Paper Bride IV. The evil curse in the mountain village will appear in this game in the form of a wedding invitation email, and those who receive the invitation must forward it to others within a time limit, or they will be haunted by the curse. The protagonist of this work did not forward the email after receiving the invitation and was transferred by mistake to a village near the haunted mountain village on a business trip. After arriving at the village, the protagonist surprisingly saw his long-lost ex-boyfriend, and a series of horror stories begins.

According to HeartBeat Plus Studio, Paper Bride IV will be rich in Chinese folk culture and immersive stories that drag you back to the most terrifying story you heard as a kid.

Paper Bride IV will release on July 29th, players can now pre-register the game on App Store.

Source: App Store