MiHoYo Is Suing 7 Genshin Impact Content Leakers

By Julius Chen
Dec. 2, 2021 updated 07:06

MiHoYo filed a lawsuit against seven Genshin Impact leakers in an effort to prevent further dissemination of unreleased game information.

Since the launch of Genshin Impact, it has had a serious mole problem, with the latest content always leaked long before it is released, some leakers even releasing information two updates in advance. However, miHoYo's legal department hasn’t been the most active. On China Judgements Online, so far there are only 18 effective court rulings with miHoYo being the prosecution. By contrast, there are 420 court rulings that involve Tencent Games and 202 involving NetEase Games.

Only in 2021 did miHoYo begin to hire legal staff on a large scale and intensify its investigation of inside leakers. In a statement posted on Genshin Impact's official social media account in July, miHoYo announced that it had verified the accounts of two leakers and would soon take action. In September, miHoYo sued Bilibili, demanding the personal information of seven video leakers on Bilibili. 

On Nov 27th, @Tangzhu_Tz, one of the seven accused, claimed on Twitter that miHoYo had obtained the personal information of seven leakers and had started the lawsuit. According to his comments on Twitter, none of the seven have signed any non-disclosure agreements.

Two days later, a photo appearing to be miHoYo's prosecution document was posted on social media, further confirming the hunt for moles is gearing up. In the document, miHoYo accused several influencers of uploading Genshin Impact gameplay videos showcasing work-in-progress features to Bilibili without permission and demanded 500,000 RMB (about 78,000 USD) in compensation.

possible miHoYo's prosecution documentpossible miHoYo's prosecution document

MiHoYo has not commented on the lawsuit.