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The Pirate Mobile MMORPG Sea of Dawn Endorsed By Johnny Depp is Now Available

By Cecil Gao
Jul. 28, 2022 updated 11:00

The Chinese mobile adventure MMORPG Sea of Dawn has officially launched today on Google Play and App Store. The game also released a micro movie trailer and a Behind The Scenes video collaborated with its brand spokesperson Johnny Depp. Players can get a chance to win PlayStation 5 console and gift cards by forwarding the giveaway Weibo post.

Sea of Dawn has perfectly restored the world of the Age of Sail for players, with over 120 ports and very rich side quests. Moreover, the game not only recreated the legendary port towns in reality but also added many supernatural creatures like mermaids and the God of the sea, Poseidon, to the main stories for players to explore. 

In addition to exploring the ruins and shipwrecks at sea and the mysterious stories, Sea of Dawn also has a PVP mechanic. Players can raise pirate flags in areas marked as dangerous water zone, plunder other players with treasure, and sink their ships. Each player can choose a character with different special abilities and need good strategies and combinations to maximize the efficiency of the battle. 

Sea of Dawn also has a complex construction system; players can choose the public sea in the game to use resources to build their own port, get a stable tax income and build a defense system to defend against possible player invasions.

Source: Weibo