miHoYo Jointly Established a New Firm with Neuroscience Expert to Explore Brain-Computer Interface

Can’t wait to be in Genshin Impact, with my brain chips
By Isabella Jiangcheng
Dec. 7, 2021 updated 03:46

According to publicly available information found on Qichacha, miHoYo has set up a new firm named Ling Wei Yi Si (零唯一思) with Lv Baoliang, a professor focusing on modular neural network and learning algorithms, and the head of Ruijin hospital’s Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and Neuromodulation Centre. The company is jointly owned by miHoYo and Lv. Lv holds 51% of the stake and miHoYo holds the remaining 49%. Wu Di, miHoYo’s vice president of strategic investment, acts as the company’s legal representative/entity. 

The company's main business scope includes medical research, medical experimental development, animation development, and game development. Many speculate that the company is likely to be focusing on studying BCI technology. The speculation was not without cause. This March, miHoYo signed a strategic partnership with Ruijin Hospital to establish 'Ruijin Encephalopathy Center miHoYo Co-lab', with Lv leading this co-lab. The co-lab aims to study the clinical application of BCI technology, and its current project is shown on its official website as ‘Clinical Research on BCI Neuromodulation Therapy for Refractory Depression’.

Lv Baoling (4th of the left) and Cai Haoyu (3rd of the right) at the launch event of the co-labLv Baoling (4th of the left) and Cai Haoyu (3rd of the right) at the launch event of the co-la

The whole thing reminds people of the strange Elon Musk collaboration with Genshin Impact back in October. Perhaps miHoYo has already tried to reach out to Musk, the man behind the most talked-about BCI and neurotechnology company Neuralink.