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Lilith Games Loses its Case As The Court Nullifies The Agreement Of AFK Arena

By Kay Kuo
Aug. 5, 2022 updated 07:00

On July 27, First Intermediate People's Court in Shanghai uploaded legal instruments concerning Lilith Games. In this case, the court dismisses the appeal from Lilith Games and nullifies the agreement of AFK Arena, claiming that Lilith Games retain the right to delete the game data of the accounts that have not logged in for 365 days.

A screenshot of the legal instruments concerning Lilith GamesA screenshot of the legal instruments concerning Lilith Games

Last year, a player was dissatisfied with some terms of the agreement in AFK Arena and thus sued Lilith Games. Lilith Games argued that deleting inactive accounts prevents fraud and account hoarding and listed the agreements drafted by Tencent, NetEase, HoYoverse, and other corporations to prove the terms are common and reasonable. However, the court still ruled in favor of the player.

According to the legal instruments, game operators deserve the right to manage the games and restrict players' rights. Still, Lilith Games have neither informed players before deleting the account nor offered compensation after the deletion, which has harmed players' rights to an unreasonable degree.

Source: China Judgements Online