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Lilith Games Lays Off the Whole Art of Conquest 2 Development Team

By Xueyang
Nov. 19, 2022 updated 06:45

The latest information shows that Lilith has pulled the plug on the Art of Conquest 2 project.

Art of Conquest 2 is Lilith's third self-researched strategy simulation game after Art of Conquest 1 and Warpath. Art of Conquest 2 opened a small-scale beta test in a few overseas countries in July this year, with the purpose of testing the stay and payment data in a real-life situation.

According to related sources' speculation, the test data not meeting expectations could be the main reason for the dissolution of the project. Before that, the project actually had a lot of struggles during the three years of research and development.

The insider stated that the producer of Art of Conquest 2 announced the dissolution of the project to all members in a meeting of the whole group. The follow-up plan for the team of nearly 100 people is that the project staff will first return to the main part of the company, and if this plan proves unsuccessful, laid-off employees will receive reasonable compensation.