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Fan Made Pixel Version of Zenless Zone Zero

By Johnson Ge
Aug. 12, 2022 updated 05:00

On August 6th, a fan-made Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) video soon attracted people’s attention.

Zenless Zone Zero is a new Action RPG developed and published by HoYoverse. The game now has over 2 million pre-registers on TapTap and had a closed beta from August 4th to 8th.

The video is mainly about Anby, one of the main characters from Zenless Zone Zero, fighting with enemies. But as its title indicated, the creators of the video made everything like a pixel-style side-scrolling action game.

Surprisingly, the video is rich-detailed in artwork and the creators have done hard work on the actions. There are combos, hit-stops, evade frames, and decent visual and audio effects. Many people commented that it felt like an playable mini-game, waiting for a programmer to make it happen. Some joked that HoYoverse should consider adding this into their game.

Source: Bilbili