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Top Super Mario Streamer’s Years of Game Data Wiped Out by Relative’s Kid

By Johnson Ge
Apr. 5, 2023 updated 02:30

On April 4th, when “Chao Ji Xiao Jie” (超级小桀), a world record holding Chinese streamer started his computer, he was surprised to find out that his save data of 15,000+ cleared levels in Endless Challenge had been reset to zero by a relative’s child.

"Chao Ji Xiao Jie," also known as "Jie," is a renowned streamer of Super Mario Maker 2 with a massive fan base. He is widely recognized for his exceptional programming and gaming abilities, particularly in the Mario series, and has set numerous records in the games he plays.

For years, "Jie" has been playing Super Mario Maker 2's Endless Challenge, where players must navigate randomly picked player-made levels with only 15 lives. If a player loses all their lives, their progress is reset to 0. "Jie" has achieved a personal best, clearing an impressive 15,267 levels in the Expert difficulty setting, and ranked top 30 in the world.

A screenshot of Jie’s live streaming shows his current progression was reset to zero while his best record was 15,267 levels.A screenshot of Jie’s live streaming shows his current progression was reset to zero while his best record was 15,267 levels.

During his latest live stream, "Jie" revealed that while he was away from home, his mother hosted a family party. Despite his repeated requested in the past to not allow anyone into his live broadcast room, a child of one of the relatives entered his room and messed around with his streaming equipment and personal belongings, including his workstation and Nintendo Switch.

And, even more unfortunately, the kid used up all the lives in “Jie”’s Endless Challenge save, resulting in a game over and resetting his level progression to zero, and also broke his gaming and streaming equipment, including his mouse, keyboard, and headset in varying degrees.

The gaming community and "Jie's" fans have expressed deep sympathy and concern following the loss of his hard-earned records. Many have suggested implementing better data protection measures, such as parent mode or a physical lock on his personal room, as well as backup solutions to prevent similar incidents from happening again. In the meantime, "Jie" has been praised for his outstanding gaming achievements, with many expressing admiration for his skills and dedication.

In the wake of "Jie's" unfortunate incident, many others have shared similar experiences of having their possessions damaged by a relative's child while they were away from home. In China, this phenomenon has even spawned a meme called "熊孩子" (meaning "brat").

Despite feeling upset about the incident, "Jie" acknowledged that it was not the end of the world, and expressed gratitude to his friends for their support. For now, he would prefer to put the incident behind him and enjoy the Super Mario Bros. Movie in the evening.

UPDATE: On April 9th, "Jie" confrimed during a live stream that the level progress cannot be recovered by any means, but he was ready for a fresh new start. 

Source: Douyu