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EDG Victorious Against FPX 3:1 in the LPL Summer Playoffs

By Weilin Li
Aug. 19, 2022 updated 06:00

The match between EDG and FPX was held yesterday in the LPL Summer Playoffs, and, in the end, EDG defeated FPX 3:1.

In game one of the match, initially, the two sides were closely matched, with EDG gaining a slight advantage built by Viper and Meiko in the bottom lane. Then, at 23 minutes, FPX tried to catch Sylas, but three of their champions were counter-killed. EDG began to snowball to a victory.

In game one, at 23 minutes, three of FPX’s champions were counter-killed.In game one, at 23 minutes, three of FPX’s champions were counter-killed.

In game two, FPX achieved a double kill as a perfect opening. However, at 16 minutes, in a team fight for a Dragon, EDG killed four champions while only losing one, turning things around. EDG then destroyed FPX’s base at 35 minutes.

In game three, FPX had no choice but to go all in. In the mid-game, FPX Summit on Jax performed a sneak attack on EDG from behind, helping FPX kill three champions in the team fight for a Dragon. Following that, FPX took the win in this round.

In game four, EDG lagged in gold in the beginning. That seemingly left them in a difficult spot, but EDG managed to make a comeback. At 31 minutes, they took out the top laner Summit and mid-laner Care from FPX and killed Baron decisively, securing a victory in both the game and the match.

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