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Zenless Zone Zero Cracked Version Caused a Great Stir Among Players

By Iris Zhong
Aug. 22, 2022 updated 12:42

HoYoverse’s anticipated action mobile game Zenlesss Zone Zero has successfully held its very first public test (named the “Tuning Test”) this month and received tons of praise. However, just one day after the testing, videos featuring the game being cracked and run as a single-player game are already starting to appear online and has caused a great stir among the community.

These videos demonstrated a cracked game client that can run locally, and players can get into the tutorial levels, choose different characters and fight some enemies.

A trending screenshot of the cracked version

One of the suspected hackers claims the cracked version was just some local data files that can be “easily accessed by anyone with some video game development experience,” and the client does not include features like missions, progression, and Gacha banners. The hacker claims this version only served the purpose of experiencing ZZZ’s introducing task and its combat system.

Uploader’s explanation

However, many fans are questioning the legality of the crack and arguing that hacking a multiplayer game is within copyright infringement territory and prohibited explicitly in ZZZ’s EULA.

For the time being, the videos were deleted from major platforms. But the cracked version is still circulating online. And the real hackers behind the crack remain unknown since the person who uploaded the video denied being responsible for the hack.

Zenless Zone Zero’s User Agreement