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The Copycat Awards 2022 Winners Full List

By Iris Zhong
Dec. 9, 2022 updated 02:21

Still feel immersed in this year's surprising presentation of The Game Awards and wanting more?

Check out the winners of The Copycat Awards 2022, an annual project led by content creator windleavez! Your favorite game might appear on the list!

TCA 2022 Winners Full List (With Short Comments)

Best Family: God of War Ragnarök

The game vividly depicts the typical living scenes of an atypical nordic family, elegant and upper-class!

Best Multiplayer: Elden Ring

Two fists cannot beat four, even the Elden Lord cannot survive without your help.

Best Role Playing: Stray

Who can resist the desire to become a carefree cat in this rapidly changing world?

Best Sports: Splatoon 3

Squidswimming, shooting and an internet connection, only those who win the Triathlon can laugh till the end.

Best Esports Game: As Dusk Falls

Eight players fight against each other offline, and the result will decide their fate.

Best Mobile Game: Triangle Strategy

Want all characters to survive in the hardest mode? Take every step with extreme caution.

Best Sim: Immortality

Play, pause, rewind, analyze and conclude... A film rolling simulator on an academic level.

Best Action Game: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

A social man is only a child who is forced to grow up and go on living every day.

Best Indie: FIFA 23

The last game dependant on FIFA. Will the match forecast for World Cup 2022 become real?

Best Adventure: Needy Streamer Overload

Everyone has an adventure of their own, where patience and kindness are the best guides.

Best Narrative: The Bible

The game has a huge impact on Western Literature, and many European and American players can recite the paragraphs in it.

Best Art Direction: Pentiment

6 sets of fonts and over 2,700 unique patterns make an art class on Western Characters.

Best Performance: Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Amazing acting skills make finding the truth no easy feat. Lines full of emotions are still ringing in your ears.

Best Score and Music: Bayonetta 3

The fantastic concert of Baal Zebul can impress both your soul and your body.

Best Community Support: Cult of the Lamb

As a cat-pooppicker... Well... a cardinal, the key to success is the support from your followers in the community.

Innovation in Accessibility: Sifu

A 70-year-old man can still turn back the powers of youngsters who don't follow the virtues of martial arts.

Best VR/AR: Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Because it starts with AR.

Best Adaptation: League of Cybers: Arcane Runners

Steam and cyber all belong to punks regardless of good or bad. Thousands of lights shine in the city at night, but none of them can take me home.

Most Anticipated Game: Bloodborne Kart

May you find your value in the world of racing, kind hunter.

Game of the Year: Elden Ring

The fallen leaves tell a story, that this is the true king of the year.

Source: Weibo