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Tencent Made a Speech About Combining Video Game and Technology To “Build A Super Digital Scene” on CGIAC 2021

By Johnson Ge
Dec. 18, 2021 updated 12:19

On Dec 15th, at the China Game Industry Annual Conference 2021 (CGIAC), Zhang Wei, the Vice President of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG), made a speech about how video games and technology improve and merge and Tencent’s next plan with them.

He described how video games are strongly bonded with technologies in the speech. Technology waves like 4G connection will rebuild the form of games every time. And the requirement of improving user experience in games is a boost for technology innovations. For example, the need for better 3d real-time rendering in games is one of the main reasons behind the rapid development of CPU and GPU.

According to Zhang Wei, the next step of Tencent is to “Build a Super Digital Scene” to provide a better connection between the virtual world and reality. The plan will unleash the potential of video games and technology related to it like digital humans, artificial intelligence, digital twins, etc. Eventually, it will make video games entertaining and a benefit to society in many ways.