Tencent Shares Its Experience of Achieving Social Responsibility at CGIAC 2021

By Johnson Ge
Dec. 18, 2021 updated 04:28

On Dec 16th, Zhang Wei talked about “how the game service providers achieve social responsibility” at the China Game Industry Annual Conference 2021 (CGIAC). In the speech, Zhang Wei indicates that Tencent has studied this topic for years, and they have several experiences to share.

First is protecting the “Foundation of the society,referring to minors. Tencent has built a solution with multiple systems. The solution does restrain the game-time of underage players while also providing them alternatives to how they spend their free time. For instance, Project 100 100” has the target of building 100 classrooms and 100 playgrounds. So that children will have a place to spend while their parents are not home.

The second one is extending of social responsibility of video games, making video games valuable in many different aspects. Tencent had an event named “Play for Good” this year. And over 100 million players of Tencent Game joined in the event offering their help in restoring and protecting cultural relics.

The last one is establishing the gaming ecosystem with other service providers. Tencent built an educational platform for developers to study and share knowledge relating to video games. Meanwhile, Tencent also provides support for indie developers to keep the industry fresh with new blood.