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The Bridge Curse: Road To Salvation Is Released On Steam

By Kay Kuo
Aug. 26, 2022 updated 07:30

Soon after their release of the classic computer board game series, Richman, SOFTSTAR Entertainment released a new horror game, The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation. As of today, the game is available on Steam.

The game is adapted from a frightening Chinese urban legend. It is said that there is a female ghost crying every night on the concrete bridge at TungHai University. When people try crossing the bridge at midnight, the number of steps on the bridge will increase, and the ghost will appear. The ghost will ask people about the time, and they will die if they answer the question. This legend was also adapted into a movie in 2020, and now people can experience the horror story themselves in The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation.

Alongside the game, SOFTSTAR Entertainment has also released a new trailer on YouTube, revealing some clips of the game.