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Epic Games Employee gives a Great Argument about Why Video Games are not Drugs

By Kay Kuo
Sep. 7, 2022 updated 06:39

Epic Games Store openly disagreed with the principle of China Jiliang University after his speech about “online games are the most severe drugs in campus life.” During the opening ceremony, the principal claimed that 90% of the students were expelled for playing games.

A screenshot of Epic responding to the speech on ZhihuA screenshot of Epic responding to the speech on Zhihu

On a Chinese social question-and-answer website Zhihu, the official account of Epic left comments doubting the causal link between video games and the expelled students. Epic empathized with the significance of video games, saying, “I feel lucky that the field I am working in used to bring joy to you, whether your lives are success or failure. Society is so sophisticated that nothing can perfectly solve every problem; thus, we should do our best to provide motivation, protection, or happiness to people. We do what we should embrace constructive criticism and persist in our correct standpoint.”

For people who compared video games to harmful products like cigarettes and Areca catechu, Epic argued that the direct physical addiction and harm of drugs has scientific proof, while that of video games is not. The reality is that fewer people are involved in video games because more troubles take up their lives as they grow up.

Source: Epic's Answer On Zhihu