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Sword and Fairy Launched a Li Xiaoyao Figure

By Xueyang
Sep. 17, 2022 updated 04:00

Sword and Fairy cooperated with MCSD to launch a Li Xiaoyao figure that restores the scene of the “Dionysian Charm" spell.

Dionysian Charm is a spell in the game that’s so incredibly powerful that it can only be used nine times. When casting this move, a projection of Dionysus will be displayed above the enemy, which is demonstrated by the figure.

Li Xiaoyao FigureLi Xiaoyao Figure

The figure has started its pre-order at the price of $ 711 USD, with a deposit requirement of $ 257 USD. In addition, pre-orders will come with goodies including a changeable wooden sword.

The Changeable Wooden SwordThe Changeable Wooden Sword

Source: YouTube