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Sword and Fairy Unveils Animated Adaptations

By Xueyang
Aug. 9, 2023 updated 12:26

In a double dose of exciting announcements, Sword and Fairy has released the first trailer for the animated adaptation of Softstar's beloved single-player game, "Sword and Fairy 3." The trailer offers fans a glimpse into the reimagined world, hinting at the visual artistry and storytelling that has made the game series a standout.

But that's not all – Sword and Fairy also revealed that the original game that started it all, "Sword and Fairy 1," is set to be adapted into an animated series. Along with the announcement, a concept poster has been unveiled, showcasing the artistic direction for the upcoming adaptation.

Sword and Fairy 1 Anime Concept TrailerSword and Fairy 1 Anime Concept Trailer

These announcements mark a significant milestone for the franchise, building on the legacy of the "Sword and Fairy" series and bringing it to new audiences through the medium of animation. Fans of the games can look forward to experiencing their favorite stories in a whole new way, while newcomers will have a chance to discover the magic that has captured the hearts of players for years.

Source: Weibo