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Magic: The Gathering Expanding into Chinese Local Gaming Communities

By Cecil Gao
Sep. 19, 2022 updated 06:45

Last weekend, Magic: The Gathering held a meet-up event in collaboration with Chinese video game media YYS (游研社) in Beijing. The event aims to give YYS fans a feel of the charm of Magic: The Gathering, the longest standing TCG series.

In recent years, TCG and table games are growing rapidly in China, with some popular series making over USD 30 million in revenue. Magic: The Gathering being the most distinguished series in the TCG scene, has its fair share of fans in China, and following recent marketing structural changes, is trying to have much closer communication with China's local communities.

MTG Staff Explaining the GameMTG Staff Explaining the Game

The event started with an MTG staff introducing the game's basic rules and giving demonstrations.

The cards also comes with a card boxThe cards also comes with a card box

Players can then play in pairs of two using a pre-assembled deck.

Each player was granted five tokens and can acquire a token from their opponent upon winning, then exchange those tokens for rewards.

The event also got a boss challenge session, and new players can try to challenge experienced pro players and get a chance to win five tokens.

Plenty of prizes for players to choosePlenty of prizes for players to choose

Winners of the collectors boxesWinners of the collectors boxes

The event offered a generous prize pool of MTG card packs, collector boxes, mouse pads and other peripheral merchandise.