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Chinese Artist Uses AI Drawing Tool to Create a Set of Original Concept Art

By Xueyang
Sep. 19, 2022 updated 01:53

@soulframe on Weibo posted a set of original concept art combining Wuxia and Cthulhu. It is a pure experimental work using AI drawing to try to set a game concept. @soulframe made it clear that it would not become a real project, and it had nothing to do with the Shadow Blade series.


AI drawing has always been controversial, says @soulframe. Some believe that AI will inevitably replace human artists, which means that the most sacred part of humanity is close to collapse. Others think that AI is just another tool, no more significant than the invention of the camera, which has obviously not eliminated the value of artists' existence but enhanced their creativity.


However, these discussions seem too grand and serious. In practice, some artists (including @soulframe) have already started using AI for things like texture generation to reduce the refining workload.


On the other hand, Al helps the decision-making process better due to its ability to test ideas instantly. AI also allows producers to communicate their needs as clearly as possible to the artists, thus avoiding revision and enhancing efficiency.

"The Wise Man""The Wise Man"

In @soulframe ‘s opinion, AI assistance will definitely be incorporated into the workflow of most projects in the future.

"Strange Things""Strange Things"

Source: Weibo