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Naraka: Bladepoint’s Cloud Gaming Website Starts Beta Test

By Kay Kuo
Sep. 20, 2022 updated 03:00

On September 19, Naraka Bladepoint announced that their cloud gaming website had opened a beta test. No need to download the game; players can enjoy battling in the Naraka world once they log in to the website page.

The cloud gaming entry on the official websiteThe cloud gaming entry on the official website

For now, cloud gaming is available on the official website page, and players who have purchased the game can use their NetEase, Steam or Epic Games account to experience cloud gaming.

Naraka also noted that players can only try the cloud gaming website for six hours for free. Longer gaming durations require in-game purchases. And if players have not performed any action for over twenty minutes, the game will log out automatically.

Source: Naraka Bladepoint