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Multi-Purpose Sandwich Maker That Bakes Chef Kirby Toast Is Here

Let's make Kirby and Waddle Dee mini cakes
By CaesarZX
Sep. 27, 2022 updated 11:00

Bandai SPIRITS has begun selling the “Baked Just Right Feature Sandwich Maker of Kirby's Dream Land," and you can pre-order yours now.

Chef KirbyChef Kirby

This product is a multifunctional sandwich machine inspired by Kirby's Dream Land. You can bake with the plate to create a Chef Kirby patterned toast, and you can also make mini cakes of Kirby, Waddle Dee and the Warp Star with it. The listed price is 8,800 JPY (60 USD). 

Source: denfaminicogamer

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