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Steins;Gate's Gel Banana Crossover with "Drink Whipped Cream Straight"

To create a Gel Banana flavor
By CaesarZX
Sep. 29, 2022 updated 08:30

MGK, the company behind the brand "Drink Whipped Cream Straight," announced that they are releasing "Drink Whipped Cream (Gel Banana flavor)" in collaboration with Steins;Gate on October 15.

Sold on MGK's official online store and from the Akihabara Radiokaikan's vending machine, the price is 1000 JPY (7 USD) per can.

Gel BananaGel Banana

A Gel Banana is a banana created during an experiment with the time machine called the "Telephone Microwave" in the story of Steins;Gate.

Source: denfaminicogamer

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