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Indie Game Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy is Now Available On Consoles

By Cecil Gao
Sep. 30, 2022 updated 08:35

Indie publisher Ratalaika Games announced today that their latest visual novel Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy is now available on the PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

The game tells the story of a Steampunk Victorian world where coffee can be used as an energy source and even provide magical power. Players will play as Taka, a barista who is suddenly teleported to this coffee world during an airplane flight. During exploration, Taka finds that this world is somehow related to the cafe his parents left him.

The game has a rich storyline, with four main characters that you can build a relationship with and many customers in the cafe that you can interact with by making coffee for them.

The coffee in the game can also unlock different technologies through special “caffeine” as the game progresses.

As of now, the reviews on Steam have stayed positive, with most of the players commenting that the game has a rich coffee culture and knowledge.