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The Metaverse Behind ZQGame‘s Soaring Stock Price

By Dan
Sep. 9, 2021 updated 12:30

On Sept 6, ZQGame attracted wide attention again by announcing that the company will launch a business simulation metaverse game "Brew Master", that would allow players to "brew online, taste offline". Since the launch event, ZQGame’s stock price has been hitting the 10% rising limit for two consecutive days, along with a number of other stocks related to the metaverse concept.

The term "metaverse" normally referring to combining a broad range of technologies such as AR/VR, online games, cloud computing, and ultra-high-definition video to create an immersive virtual experience that is portrayed in movies like Matrix and Ready Player One. As of now, every major tech company – from Facebook to Google – is actively venturing into the metaverse space by either making AR-enabled hardware devices, or building software platforms that support the metaverse experience.

 According to ZQGame, players would be able to create a brewing recipe in the game and have it made by an actual brewery in reality. However, looking at the current demo of Brew Master, you might be wondering what and how AR/VR or other metaverse features would be implemented in the game, and that would be a very good question that we are all eager to know the answer to. 

 It is worth mentioning that ZQGame has the Communication Center of Chinese Communist Youth League and the China Youth Association for Network Development as shareholders, making it the only online game company with a government backing in China.

 ZQGame then issued an announcement stating that the company is still in the early exploration stage of metaverse development, and their new game has no actual release date or region, reminding investors to mind the risk and invest rationally.

This doesn’t stop ZQGame from riding the tides of a hyped-up market. Multiple metaverses related stocks are rising rapidly and causing some concern. Outfit7 Ltd., the company behind “Talking Tom” is suspected by the regulatory authorities of clout-chasing and market manipulation. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange even issued a letter of concern, requesting them to explain the relevance of the company's core business to the metaverse concept, despite Outfit 7 claiming they “firmly believe in the development of the metaverse and have put together a special team for that".

Metaverse-related stocks rose considerably for two days in a row)

With the continuous development of technologies such as AR/VR and cloud computing, the metaverse are turning from concept to reality. However, as ZQGame has admitted in their announcement, a true metaverse is still seemingly distant.