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Chinese Fan-made Disco Elysium Spin-off Game is Coming Soon

White Mourning: Museum In Pale will be released for free in November
By Xueyang
Oct. 25, 2022 updated 05:42

A fan-made Disco Elysium spin-off game will launch on Steam for free in November.

The game is developed by a Chinese fan and solo developer, Sykine. According to the developer, the game was inspired by her fan art collection, White Mourning.

In this pixel game, players will be able to visit the White Mourning Museum. The game experience is described to be chilling and free and the whole game will take up to two hours.

White Mourning: Museum In Pale (Reviewing)White Mourning: Museum In Pale (Reviewing)

Sykine stated that the game is currently under Steam's reviewing progress, and the store page will be launched shortly.

Source: Weibo