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Magical Delicacy Demo Now Available on Steam

By Xueyang
Feb. 9, 2024 updated 04:44

A demo version of Magical Delicacy, a game where a budding witch aims to become the best cook in town, now supports Japanese and is available for download. Set in the town of Gratt, inhabited by distinctive residents such as strong women and frog-like creatures, players will provide magical cuisine to the townsfolk.

Magical Delicacy - ScreenshotMagical Delicacy - Screenshot

On February 6th, during the Steam NEXT Fest, an event on the game distribution site Steam where new games can be tried, a demo version of Magical Delicacy, a side-scrolling adventure game starring a girl who can cook with magic, was released with Japanese language support.

In Magical Delicacy, players step into the shoes of Flora, a novice witch who moves from a small island to the town of Gratt, known for its adventurers and skilled magicians.

Seeking to find her place and learn from a wizard mentor, Flora rents a property and, together with Hina, a girl squatting illegally, aims to run the town's best kitchen.

Magical Delicacy - ScreenshotMagical Delicacy - Screenshot

The game allows players to interact with residents by cooking for them, in addition to cultivating crops and gathering materials in the field.

In the steep town of Gratt, players can meet various residents, such as a strong baker, a formidable blacksmith, and Sana, who sells herbs and flowers, by navigating the town using elevators and other means. It's possible to buy cooking tools, recipes, and materials from each resident or sell gathered ingredients to them.

Magical Delicacy - ScreenshotMagical Delicacy - Screenshot

Magical Delicacy is currently available as a demo on PC (Steam). Those interested are encouraged to check out the game on the Steam store page.