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Streamer Defeated All Elden Ring Bosses Without Taking a Single Blow

165 bosses defeated without a scratch... The Mission Impossible
By Xueyang
Oct. 31, 2022 updated 06:21

Game streamer @GinoMachino shared to the Internet about a thrilling record - World's First Elden Ring All Bosses No Hit Run.

On March 8, 2022, @GinoMachino announced that he will take the challenge of the "Elden Ring All Bosses No Hit Run".

According to an interview, @GinoMachino claimed that he took two months to prepare the routes and strategy, and another month to execute his detailed plan.

The rule is almost brutal: if you get hit, you need to start all over again. It took @GinoMachino one more month to finally complete the most greatest and mind-blowing Elden Ring achievement to date.

What a moment.

Source: Twitter