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US Asks Riot to Take LoL Lawsuit to China

By Xueyang
Nov. 11, 2022 updated 07:00

LoL Wildrift vs. Mobile Legends: Bang BangLoL Wildrift vs. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

A long-running plagiarism lawsuit between Riot and a League of Legends mobile knock-off has once again been dismissed by a US judge.

According to the local judge, Riot Games' lawsuit against the Chinese game studio, Shanghai Moonton, over the mobile knock-off Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was dismissed because the dispute between the two parties should be resolved in China, instead of the United States.

Riot Games opposed the motion on three separate points, one being "China's evidentiary and COVID-19 travel restrictions", but were rejected by the judge.

Being Riot Games' parent company, Tencent is actively filing another lawsuit against Shanghai Moonton in China. However, the court saw it to be "unfair to allow Riot and Tencent to bring a two-front war against Moonton unless and until Tencent decides to show up on both battlefields."

Source: PC Gamer