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GTA6 'Florida Joker' Issues Ultimatum to Rockstar, Demands $10 Million Payment

By Xueyang
Jan. 8, 2024 updated 09:32

Lawrence Sullivan, known as the "Florida Joker," has escalated his dispute with Rockstar Games over "Grand Theft Auto 6" (GTA6). In a recent video titled "Final Warning," Sullivan expressed outrage on TikTok, claiming a character modeled after him appears in the GTA6 trailer without his consent. Initially demanding a 2 million USD fee, Sullivan has now increased his demand to 10 million USD.

Sullivan, recognizable by his purple hair and orange prison-like attire, complains of being constantly photographed by the public, making it difficult for him to even enjoy a pizza in peace. In his video, he warns Rockstar Games of serious repercussions if they fail to meet his demands, threatening to facilitate the escape of a young hacker from a psychiatric ward and collaborate with him for another hacking operation against Rockstar.

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The hacker in question is believed to be Arion Kurtaj, a key member of the hacker group 'Lapsus$,' known for leaking over 100GB of GTA6 content in 2022. Currently under indefinite psychiatric care due to his high-level hacking skills and motivation, Kurtaj's involvement with Sullivan remains uncertain.

While Sullivan's seriousness and capability to execute his threats are unclear, the situation represents a significant escalation beyond monetary demands. The gaming community and industry are closely watching Rockstar Games for their response to this unusual and potentially dangerous situation.

Source: Tiktok