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ZA/UM Confirmed Former Employees were Fired, Instead of Leaving "Involuntarily"

ZA/UM confirmed instances of a toxic workplace environment, verbal abuse, gender discrimination from dismissed employees
By Xueyang
Nov. 11, 2022 updated 08:30

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A few days ago, Aleksander Rostov (Art Director of Disco Elysium) and Robert Kurvitz (Game Director of Disco Elysium) made an announcement about the reasons for their leaving ZA/UM and Disco Elysium.

ZA/UM also shared their side of the story by confirming an Estonian press report of mismanagement and misconduct among former senior employees.

In addition, the report stated that the three core developers of Disco Elysium - Game Director Robert Kurvitz, Writer Helen Hindpere, and Art Director Aleksander Rostov - were dismissed from ZA/UM last year, rather than having "left involuntarily".

In a ZA/UM exclusive statement, the company detailed some of the major reasons behind the dismissals, including a toxic workplace environment, verbal abuse, and gender discrimination. However, no specific name was mentioned.

ZA/UM also confirmed that legal filings related to the former team are pending, but did not divulge further.

Source: Ekspress