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PlayStation China Hero Project III is On

Sony established a China Software Business Department, aiming to help Chinese domestic games.
By Xueyang
Nov. 22, 2022 updated 09:56

With the China Hero Project press conference successfully held on November 22, Sony Interactive Entertainment just announced that China Hero Project Phase III has officially started.

China Hero Project Phase III Announcement

At the launch of the third phase of the China Hero Project, Sony Interactive Entertainment invited outstanding game developers and development teams across China, promising to provide one-stop support for up to 10 games in terms of funding and technology, including the provision of high-quality game development middleware, mature quality management services, and valuable guidance and suggestions to help game developers achieve their dreams.

The scale of the third phase of the China Hero Program will be much larger than before, and each selected project will be provided with resources worth about 1 million RMB.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment said:

The "China Hero Program" is one of the most important programs we have launched exclusively for Chinese developers, and PlayStation believes in the huge potential of Chinese developers in terms of creativity. We look forward to exploring together and creating great games for the next generation.

According to Sony, they have also recently established a China Software Business Department to focus on the Chinese market and potential.

In addition, Sony revealed two Chinese games that they supported and will be released in the future, Lost Soul Aside and Convallaria.

The reveal of Convallaria and Lost Soul Aside