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Lilith Games’ Upcoming Title E·D·E·N is Now Discontinued, According to Staff Members of the Project.

By Isabella Jiangcheng
Feb. 17, 2022 updated 12:43

Recently, there have been a number of posts claiming that E·D·E·N, the anticipated Anime game by Lilith Games, has discontinued production. The authenticity of the news was further confirmed when members of the E·D·E·N team, including the Game Designer and the Content Designer, updated their career profiles to ‘seeking employment’ on relevant jobhunting platforms. A few of the original artworks are now available on Weibo as members of the team do not want their work to ‘go to waste’. Lilith Games has not yet released any comment on the news as of the press time.

The reason behind the alleged cease was not clear. E·D·E·N released its first conceptual trailer in 2020 and ran its first beta test in November 2021. The 3D SciFi combat gameplay and the anime art direction of E·D·E·N attracted more than 63,000 reservations on Taptap. It is still not clear why the project has been canceled, but many have speculated the cause to be the unsatisfying results of the beta test and the fact that issuing of game licenses is still frozen in China.