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The Street Fighter II x Pocky Campaign Beginning on November 29

Buy limited Pocky get a special version of Street Fighter II
By CaesarZX
Nov. 25, 2022 updated 11:00

Ezaki Glico has announced a crossover between its cookie brand Pocky and Capcom's Street Fighter II. The campaign, named Pocky KO, is starting on November 29.

A special PockyA special Pocky

The Street Fighter II: Pocky Edition mini-game can be played on PCs and smartphones with Pocky's crossover limited package. The password on the little box can be entered on the event website to play. 

Pocky KO.Pocky KO.

This version of Street Fighter II has a special way of winning a fight. The Player's energy bar must be the same as the length ratio of Pocky's chocolate and cookie parts. When the ratio is reached, a "Pocky Chance" sign will pop up to remind the Player. If the chance is missed, the energy bar will slowly recover, and you might have a second shot.

Source: 電ファミニコゲーマー

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