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A Real-Life Animal Crossing Wedding

By Cecil Gao
Nov. 28, 2022 updated 02:15

A recent Animal Crossing-themed wedding has gone viral in China. This is the second time an Animal Crossing wedding has been trending on social media after an in-game wedding was held due to the Covid-19 quarantine earlier this year.

According to the Weibo that the bride @羊咩只为五斗米折腰 posted, she loves Animal Crossing and has a great time with her husband and colleagues in the game. “I remember when the game first came out. I brought my Switch to work and sold turnips to my colleagues.” She said. “The game means a lot to me, the cute animal neighbors helped me pass the time during the quarantine, and they are like real families to me.”

The bride stated that she wanted to design the wedding so that regardless of if people had played Animal Crossing or not, they would enjoy it. So she took some of the characters and artwork from Animal Crossing to a wedding design company to create an Animal Crossing-themed wedding based on a Western-style wedding.

During the design process, the wedding design company suggested using warm colors as the theme, which coincided with Animal Crossing's style. And after determining the general style, the bride began detailing the various Animal Crossing elements.

“Most of the Animal Crossing elements in the wedding were made through printing high-definition artwork from the Internet and then arranging them in the right places.”

What’s more, they also wrapped the gifts handed out at the wedding into the balloon gift boxes from Animal Crossing. Those who have played the game will be pleasantly surprised, and those who haven't will find the gift boxes very cute.

The bride also shared that her best design was for the wedding invitations. She printed the Dodo Airlines from Animal Crossing on the invitations. "Just like inviting someone to your island in Animal Crossing."

Although the wedding was not very big due to the policy restrictions of Covid-19 in China, these are not the most important things. “The weather, the scale of the wedding, and the pandemic, actually none of this matters,” the bride wrote in the comments section of the Weibo post. “What matters is to be in love with the right person forever.”

Source: Weibo