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BiliBili CEO Responded to Him Taking Control of the Gaming Business

"Self-researched high quality games to the world"
By Xueyang
Dec. 1, 2022 updated 07:10

BiliBili CEO - Chen RuiBiliBili CEO - Chen Rui

Bilibili recently released its 2022 Q3 financial report. the announcement showed that its third-quarter revenue was 5.8 billion CNY, an increase of 11% YoY; the net loss was 1.7 billion CNY, narrowing 36% compared to 2.7 billion yuan YoY.

For taking over the game business, CEO Chen Rui responded for the first time in the conference call,

"The reason I am personally responsible for the game business is, in fact, not a change in the strategy and objectives of BiliBili's game business, but an emphasis its priority of  Bilibili as a company. I will be rooting for the value of 'self-researched high quality games to the world' - this is exactly what I will do after I take over the game business."

Source: Weibo