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Epic Gives Out Death Stranding Director's Cut by Mistake

A mistake committed by an intern.
By Xueyang
Dec. 27, 2022 updated 02:50

Players worldwide just received one of the greatest Christmas gifts by finding out Epic Games gave out Death Stranding Director's Cut for free.

However, some players soon found their delight turned into frustration - many of them reported that they were unable to claim the game to their account.

In addition, those who successfully claimed the Director's Cut edition also found out that their game was replaced with the standard edition.

Epic China later apologized for the incident, claiming that it was a mistake by an intern.

Epic China ApologizesEpic China Apologizes

An Epic employee (currently an Intern) mistakenly set up the free game as Death Stranding Director's Cut instead of the Original/Standard Edition last night.

We are very sorry for those players who couldn’t claim the Director's Cut edition, truly sorry.

Based on the contract we signed with Publisher we were not going to give away the Director's Cut edition, our own staff made that mistake.

Now we are discussing follow-up matters with the Publisher.

Epic Games giveth, and Epic Games taketh away.

Source: Bilibili (post deleted)