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Warm Snow Launched a New Endless Mode

"Endless Nightmare" is now available!
By Xueyang
Dec. 30, 2022 updated 03:00

Rogue-like action game Warm Snow announced today that the new endless mode "Endless Nightmare" is now available in the game.

The entrance to Endless Nightmare is in the dilapidated Buddhist hall. Players need to clear the first playthrough of the DLC The Ash of Nightmare to start the new mode.

The entrance to Endless NightmareThe entrance to Endless Nightmare

The Endless Nightmare will be based on a combination of the main game and The Ash of Nightmare

1. In the Endless Mode, the enemy becomes stronger and stronger with the number of layers.

2. In Endless Nightmare, you will no longer fall into a deep sleep when your build print is exhausted, but you will be forced to choose a Crazy Curse. After the selection is over, all Lucid Point will be restored for you.

3. In the Endless Nightmare, every time you pass through 10 floors, you must choose a Crazy Curse.

Endless Nightmare - ScreenshotThe Endless Nightmare - Screenshot

Check it out on Steam: