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A Video Removed by Nintendo Has Been Reinstated After Appeal

Which is pretty rare to see
By CaesarZX
Jan. 5, 2023 updated 11:00

A video on the YouTube channel, DidYouKnowGaming, which had been taken down at the request of  Nintendo on December 29 last year, was reinstated after the YouTuber appealed.

The YouTuber happily announces

The popular gaming history and culture channel has 2.39 million subscribers, and the video that has been reinstated is LOST Zelda for Nintendo DS: Heroes of Hyrule.

The video is about Retro Studios' canceled Zelda game for the Nintendo DS, Heroes of Hyrule, with some exclusive facts straight from the developers who worked on it. The game was planned to be a strategy game in a similar vein to Final Fantasy Tactics, set in the Legend of Zelda universe.

Check out DidYouKnowGaming's YouTube Channel.


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