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Goose Goose Duck Releases "Year of The Rabbit" Limited Time Cosmetic

Two new playable roles are online now!
By Xueyang
Jan. 16, 2023 updated 10:05

Goose Goose Duck released a new patch note on Steam today, announcing the limited-time "Year of the Rabbit" cosmetic, and explaining the newly added content and features in the game.

Besides the "Year of the Rabbit" cosmetic, there are also two new roles being launched, which are the Stalker Goose and Esper.

The Stalker GooseThe Stalker Goose

The Stalker Goose is a lovesick goose who can track down its obsession. It can always pick someone new because the heart is fickle.

The EsperThe Esper

The Esper is psychic, and it could hear it every time a player complained about how weak it was. Every complaint felt like a knife in their brain. Enough was enough, and it decided to switch sides. The new Esper Duck can psychically invade another player's mind. Once they are inside, a timer will begin. The Esper can speak privately up until the timer hits zero, at which point the target dies.

Source: Steam