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Baldur's Gate 3: Patch 6 Incoming, Bringing Better Kissing Scenes

By Xueyang
Feb. 13, 2024 updated 03:32

Larian Studios, in a heroic quest to keep the love alive in "Baldur's Gate 3," has announced the imminent release of Patch 6, promising not just any old updates, but "improved smooches" for all your romantic escapades. Coming hot on the heels of Patch 5's significant improvements last November, Larian is not ready to kiss goodbye to updates for the acclaimed RPG just yet.

Scheduled to land on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC this week, Patch 6 will not only fix those pesky bugs and add snazzy new animations but will also introduce new Legendary Actions in Honour Mode to spice up your combat life. But let's not bury the lede here: the real headline is the enhanced kissing mechanics, demonstrated in a video that's got fans puckering up in anticipation.

Astarion & HalsinAstarion & Halsin

"Get ready for better bussing, new idle chitchat around the campfire, and heroic bug battles," Larian cheekily announced. As for the future, whispers of DLC and expansions hang in the air. Will there be more love to give? Stay tuned for the next episode of "As Baldur's Gate Turns."

Source: Steam