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WBG Claims Victory in the First Week of 2023 PEL Spring Season

By Weilin Li
Feb. 14, 2023 updated 07:00

The first week of the PEL Spring 2023 regular season has come to a close, with the Beijing WBG division taking the Week 1 championship with 157 points. Beijing WBG's MingSkr showed standout performance and was honored with the MVP Award for the week's Final.

In the first round of Day 4, the game was an intense affair as the final moments saw the shrinking play zone converge on the Impala. The remaining teams, ACT, LGD, and PAI, were in the play zone. In the end, PAI was able to eliminate LGD and secure the win in this round.

In the second round, the game was another nail-biter as the play zone shrunk towards the Los Leones’ western area. The remaining teams, LGD, 4AM, JTeam, and RSG, put on a thrilling show. RSG was able to eliminate JTeam and 4AM before finally securing the win against LGD.

The third game of the day saw JTeam come out on top. The final moments saw the play zone shrinking towards the docks area. The remaining teams were PAI, NV, WBG, and JTeam. PAI and NV were eliminated, leaving JTeam to surround WBG and ultimately secure the win.

The fourth game was intense as the final circle contracted to the prison with teams such as the Wolf Team, TJB, ACT, and TEC fighting for survival. ACT was able to take out the solo player from the Wolf Team, and then the full squad from TJB was able to secure the wall area and eliminate the remaining two teams.

In Game 5, the signal circle was reduced to the mountaintop ruins, with TC, TEC, and KONE remaining. ZXiaoWen took down one player from TC and successfully reloaded his weapon. Afterward, TEC cleared out the last enemy player with their numerical advantage to win the game.

In Game 6, the signal circle was reduced to the southeast wilderness area of the research institute, with RSG, TEC, and ACT remaining. TEC and ACT both attacked to eliminate RSG. Finally, Justin took down the last player from ACT despite having low health, securing TEC's victory in the game.

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