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Disabled Ex-Fireman Beat Elden Ring With Mouth

By Weilin Li
Mar. 16, 2022 updated 08:35

Yesterday, a young man in China named Zhu Mingjun posted a video of him beating Elden Ring with a modified mouth controller, and he impressed tens of thousand of Elden Ring fans with his confidence and strong heart.

Zhu was formerly a fireman and was seriously injured in a work-related accident, causing him to become quadriplegic. Since then, he can only move his head and a very limited part of his torso. 

However, this did not stop Zhu’s passion as a gamer. His affection for Elden Ring eventually led him to beat one of the most difficult action games this year with a mouth controller.

Zhu’s setup, explained in another video, is to move the controller by blowing air into two tubes. With different input combinations, Zhu can control the in-game character.

At first, his control of the character was limited, and even running in the game required help from his mother. But after a lot of practice, he is now able to easily beat the game, and he has become a master of Elden Ring, even achieving feats that many players cannot.

In his recent video, Zhu successfully defeated seven main bosses in Elden Ring and beat the game to the end credits.

Watch his video hereBilibili