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Chinese Customs Seized a Case of Smuggled PS5 Games

Hogwarts Legacy, you shall not pass!
By Xueyang
Mar. 8, 2023 updated 01:06

Recently, Shenzhen Customs seized a case of smuggled PS5 games at the Huanggang Port. The smuggled games had an estimated value of about 420,000 yuan (approximately $64,000 USD). The case has been handed over to the Customs Anti-Smuggling Department for further investigation.

Shenzhen Customs inspecting the sumggling truckShenzhen Customs inspecting the smuggling truck

During the inspection process, the customs officers detected abnormal images of the cargo through the X-ray machine. Subsequently, they conducted a manual inspection of the cargo and found six modified hidden compartments inside the driver's cab of the vehicle. Inside these compartments, they discovered 800 undeclared PS5 game discs.

Shenzhen Customs inspecting the packageShenzhen Customs inspecting the package

According to the Administrative Penalty Implementation Regulations of the People's Republic of China Customs, anyone who attempts to evade customs supervision by hiding, disguising, concealing, falsely declaring, or using other methods to transport or carry goods that are prohibited or restricted from entering or leaving the country, or goods that are subject to taxation, will be prosecuted for smuggling.

The smuggled game disksThe smuggled game disks