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The Worst Rated Game on Steam Suspected “Washing Off” Its Negative Reviews

By Dingyu
Mar. 17, 2022 updated 10:47

War of the Three Kingdoms is the worst rated game on steam before its being pulled off from shelf back in February 11th. It’s originated from one of the most popular card games in China, but a series of design and monetization choices made by the game developers made fans furious. One of the Most Successful Chinese TCGs Became the Worst Reviewed Game on Steam

Players using all sorts of languages to express the angerPlayers using all sorts of languages to express the anger

Curious enough, the game was back on after only a few days. Nobody understood why the decision was made at the time, and the publisher remained silent through all this.

 The review of the re-launched game was still terrible, since nothing was changed at all. However, people starting to notice there are positive reviews showing up since Feb 28.

The accounts giving these reviews are normally only having one or even no game in their library, only made one review, and many of them have names made with random characters. And the reviews themselves are random compliments and pointless opinions, and seems to be unaware of the issues the game is still posing.

These accounts refunded already.These accounts refunded already.

This draws the suspicion that the developers pulled the game off shelf to clear the historical amount of negative reviews, so they can have an easier time saving the game’s review score with fake positive reviews, since there’re less attention than its launch.

If this has been the developers plan, it certainly is working in some sense. The game is now only “mostly negative” on steam, far better than “the worst rated game on steam” that it used to be, and only a few hundred miles away from a game that could actually attract players’ attention.